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Inverness Chiropractor | Dr. Jeffery Kinnard

Inverness Chiropractor, Dr. Jeffery Kinnard

Dr. Jeffery Kinnard

Chiropractic Was The Career For Me

After spending my high school summers in my dad’s chiropractic clinic, and witnessing first hand the relief that patients were experiencing through his drug-free approach, I knew this was a career path that I wanted to follow.

Having always had an interest in math and science, it was only natural to major in chemistry and minor biology while attending Florida State University. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree I was off to the fountainhead of chiropractic, Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa. My education at Palmer not only taught me the anatomy, physiology, neurology, etc. but also the Palmer Method for adjusting the spine, and how adjusting is an aid to helping patients achieve their greatest potential for health.

Helping a person regain their health has to be one of life’s most rewarding feelings. I believe this can happen in many different ways, such as: caring for those unable to take care of themselves, encouraging others to make better decisions regarding their diet, exercise, and life, and certainly by restoring normal function to the musculoskeletal and neurological systems through chiropractic adjustments.

My wife and I were high school sweethearts and married shortly after we both graduated from college. We now have two beautiful children, who are very active in sports, and certainly, keep mom’s “taxi service” on the go constantly. In our free time, we enjoy time at the beach, camping, hunting, fishing, or just relaxing at home.

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