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Inverness Chiropractor | Dr. Bryan Torres

Dr. Bryan Torres

Dr. Bryan Torres

Chiropractic Became a Passion

I became interested in the chiropractic profession after a series of visits to the chiropractor with my wife (at the time my girlfriend) for care she was receiving due to injuries sustained while training and competing in the sport of rhythmic gymnastics. Regular chiropractic care allowed her to carry on a normal life despite those injuries and kept her body functioning at its full potential.

Prior to this experience I had no previous knowledge about the benefits of chiropractic care and didn’t really know anything about chiropractic. During those visits, her doctor began to educate me about the important relationship between the spine, nervous system and health. He explained how large traumatic injuries, as well as, small repetitive injuries to the spine over time could misalign the spinal vertebrae and negatively influence nerve function. He also explained how a chiropractic adjustment could help the injured areas of the spine heal, restoring nerve function and ultimately lead to improved health. Since I did understand that the nervous system controlled how the body functioned and that the spine protected the spinal cord and spinal nerves this made complete sense to me. Shortly after, I became a chiropractic patient and immediately began to experience the benefits of being under regular care. At the time I didn’t really have any health problems or complaints. However, I did notice improvements in my breathing, quality of sleep and increased energy levels throughout the day.

Learning to Love

Because of my fantastic results and witnessing the positive results my wife experienced while being under care I enrolled in Chiropractic College to become a doctor of chiropractic. While attending Chiropractic College I also received my Bachelor’s degree in Biological Life Science. During my chiropractic education, I learned just how important a spinal adjustment really was to restoring nervous system function and improving and maintaining overall health. Shortly after graduating from Sherman College of Chiropractic in 2004 I moved back home to Miami, FL to begin my chiropractic career. Since then my wife and I have also been blessed with two beautiful children Aidan and Raegan. We relocated to central Florida in 2010. During my spare time, I enjoy cooking, fishing, camping and spending time with friends and family. I look forward to providing specific and ethical chiropractic care to the citizens of Inverness and the surrounding communities.

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