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What Our Patients Say


Dr. Grause was wonderful. Makes you feel like he has known you and explained everything perfectly. I came back to day for my second visit and told him he was a miracle worker.

-Jacquline B.

First Class

Dr. Grause is first class.

-Dan R.

Very Knowledgeable

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff!

-Sharon G.


Love the Christian music and positive atmosphere for my family and I. The people as well as the cappuccino machine are also amazing!

-Hannah I.

Polite And Professional

Everyone is polite and professional. Friendly and nice atmosphere. Can’t wait until my next appointment. Thanks for being open on Saturdays.

-Patricia C.

Great Staff

Great staff, exceptional doctors.

-Matthew Y.

Wonderful Experience

Wonderful experience through out.

-Gerald O.

Excited To Get Started

I am excited to get started Thank you.

-Sharron P.


Dr. Kinnard is excellent. The staff is upbeat and positive with great smiles.

-Joyce S.


I was very please with being my first visit, very much satisfied, looking forward to my next appointment!

-Ann B.

Sleeping Better

I slept better last night.

-Florence T.

Cured Discomfort

95% of my pain and discomfort was cured with my 1st adjustment.

-Stanley G.

Very Fortunate

Happy and very fortunate, to have found you!

-Robert B.

Caring And Understanding

I want to thank you all for being so caring and understanding. I feel very comfortable in your hands. My only regret is that I didn’t find you sooner. I believe I will be back to running my marathons and cycling with your help. Thank you so much.

-Susan C.

Friendly And Helpful

Everyone was very friendly and helpful.

-Jonathan G.


Dr. Grause was amazing. Took time to examine me from head to toe. Went over everything thoroughly. Awesome doctor and definitely recommend Dr. Grause.

-Tiffany V.


Staff was courteous and attentive to my injuries.

-Sheila C.

Thank You

Thank you to the staff and Dr. Grause for the reassurance and gentle treatment. Although uncomfortable and in pain. I was made comfortable and can already feel slight improvements to my pained areas.

-Katherine B.


They were very kind and helpful in helping with my discomfort. My first visit was very informative, gave me a lot of hope that they can adjust me properly so that I can resume normal activities.
– Zunilda R.

Nice Staff

Nice staff, excellent doctor. -Gary S.

Friendly And Professional

Staff were very friendly and professional. That in itself is a lost art. The patient is more relaxed under that atmosphere. The doctor was very thorough and answered all questions. Thank you for a great first visit. – Jim C.

Nice Group Of People

This is the nicest group of people I’ve had the pleasure of encountering in a doctors office. Truly a pleasure. -Leah A.

Caring And Helpful

Everyone at Kinnard Chiropractic are extremely nice, caring and helpful! I was referred to them after a car accident, I have received excellent care! Dr.Kinnard is awesome! He is very knowledgeable, and takes time to explain everything that he’s going to do. I have been to other chiropractor’s but Dr.Kinnard is by far superior to the other treatments that I’ve had! Thank you Dr.Kinnard and all of your staff! -Melissa L.

Absolutely Helped Me

Very in tuned to my concerns, and my adjustment absolutely helped me! My husband and I stayed for the informational seminar by Dr. Grause, and surprisingly, my husband, is still speaking of how much he learned, as well did I. I look forward to keeping myself in tune with more routine visits. -Laura B.

Always Great

My healthcare provider is Kinnard Chiropractic. Always refer others to your care. Entire staff is very professional and service is always great. Thank you!
-Betty I.


Every staff member was very professional and friendly.Would recommend to anyone.
-Mary B.

Thank You

Looking forward to being your patient. I felt like you cared about me and didn’t see me as a dollar sign. I left my last chiropractor because my family was treated like that- thank you for seeing me on short notice and taking care of me.
-Brian V.


Sweet people and doctors. Staff really make you feel comfortable above average.
-Brianna P.

Professional People

The staff was nothing like I have ever experienced before. No matter what, I felt very at home I felt very special and couldn’t ask for better professional people to make me feel special through this time.
-Sheryl P.


“Since the move to Florida, I have been treated by those whom does not care about the cure of the Living Temple.  Since I arrived, the staff are all loving and caring and Dr Kinnard is Specialist who works on our well being to get ahead in life without paralyzed. He is someone as well that wants the best health and healing for our bodies. I never been more content with medical than others whom refused to see me because I denied their medications that does more damage than good to our Living Temples.”
– Diana B.

Getting Better

“My back is getting better the more I come”
– Tiffany B.


“There is a friendly welcome and a natural feel to the care I Get”
– John M.

Inviting Atmosphere

“I enjoy coming to Dr. Kinnard’s office, everyone is very nice. They know each person by their name. Very inviting atmosphere.”
– Lakesha H.


“A few treatments and my migraine headaches are under control, I have had relief for several months. My child’s chest pains were elevated as well with a few adjustments. Thank You!”
– Nancy V

Helps Me Feel Good

“This helps me and it makes me feel good”
– Donald S.

Helped My Neck

“He helped my neck and back A LOT!”
– Julia T.

Wonderful Staff

“Wonderful staff. Great experience! Thanks!”
– Chris P.


“All the staff is great! Dr Kinnard is wonderful! And Lisa is Awesome!”
– Angela W.

Recommend To All

“Coming to see the Chiropractor is one of the best things I have ever done. Before I had pain on a daily basis the pain affected all aspects of my life. Since Having the Chiropractic care I am pain free and can work and function normally. I would recommend it to all! Thanks!”
– Raquel G.


“I am so grateful for this Doctor and the help he has given me. Thank you for taking my Medicaid and treating me like any other person. God Bless!”
– Monique S.


“I started coming here last summer to Dr. Batson for about 8 visits and he helped my right leg. Now I have started seeing Dr Kinnard for my neck, lower back, my hands hurting and my headaches. I have confidence that he will be able to help me out too!”
– Mary W.

Helped Me

“The Doctors have helped me to stay working as a CNA so I can help the elderly”
– Beverly T.


“I had such bad pain in my hip I could barely walk. Now I walk 2 miles with very little pain. I am so grateful for my relief! Thank you!”
– Jenny Jo H.

So Glad

“I have seen many Chiropractors in the last 40 years for problems with my feet. Dr Grause is the first I have had to work on my feet. I am so glad he is with your practice!”
– Jaynea B.

Feeling Great

“I was hurt but now I’m walking and can’t stop talking about how great I feel after I came here. My back feels like new again. Thank you!”
– Mark M.

The Best

– James A.

Great Experience

“My experience has been great and I can feel improvement”
– Pam W.

Feel Great

“My experience with Dr. Daniels was more than I had hoped for. I asked many questions, got all of my answers and learned much more. I now know how to do my exercises and stretches without injuring myself, which is why I came here in the first place. I now know what shoes are best to wear. I feel great and now I have a place to go to get answers to my questions.”
– Linda M.

Very Professional

“Everyone is very professional and knows everything they need too.”
– Angela W.

Thank You

“Since I have been coming to Kinnard Chiropractic I have been great. Thank you so much!”
– Randy R.

Thank Goodness For This Treatment

“With Chiropractic care and therapy I was saved from having shoulder surgery. Thank goodness for this treatment!”
– Nancy C.


“I have always felt great after an appointment and I have found the Doctors and Staff great!”
– Lee P.


“Doctor Kinnard keeps me walking!”
– Ron C.


“Your staff is so pleasant, empathetic and kind along with an outstanding since of knowledge and professional. I Feel like they truly love me and care about my health and well being”
– Dee M.

Best Place

“This is the best place in the world!”
– Maria R.

Less Migraines

“Ever since coming to Kinnard Chiropractic I have had A LOT less migraines. It seems to be effective medication.”
– Pat L.

Very Caring

“The staff is very friendly. They work with the patient. Dr Kinnard is the best! Very caring and does excellent work. I have been going to Dr Kinnard for over 8 years and I Highly recommend his services.”
– June B.

Always Leave With A Smile

“I was in an auto accident back in 2009 and was in severe pain. When I started coming to Kinnard Chiropractic they got me the care I needed. I always left with a smile. I had surgery on my neck and now I came back. They work miracles. I would recommend them to anyone!”
– Denise E.

Feeling Better

“I feel 150% better since I came here! Thanks!”
– Rich R.

I Can Now Stand And Walk

“I Came in hunched over I couldn’t walk or stand up straight. Now I can stand and walk. Thanks.”
– Florence T.

Exceptionally Nice People

“Besides being exceptionally nice people to be around, I simply could not function or live a somewhat normal lifestyle without the chiropractic adjustments I need. Thanks so much!”
– Ron C.


“I appreciated the friendliness of the receptionist and the doctor. Quality care for my son.”
– Lynette M.

Has Helped A Lot

“The Doctors here have helped me a lot.”
– Julia T.

Helped With My Pain And Wellness

“When I drive up the road and see the sign I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel to help with my pain and wellness. I pray everyday a prayer of thanks for you Doctors and your staff. Thank you!”
– Dee. M

Feeling Better

“I was in a lot of pain but really feeling much better now. Thanks to the expertise of the team at Kinnard Chiropractic!!”
– Luke T.

Feel Much Better

“Before I started my treatment I had back pain and had trouble sleeping. Now that I have been receiving treatment regularly, I feel much better and I don’t have trouble sleeping anymore. Thanks so much.”
– Avanlea B.

Migraines Disappeared

“After a visit my migraines disappeared!”
– Pat L.

Professional And Personal

“I can not overstate the professional and personal care given to me for my back and neck. I have progressed to the point of being able to enjoy my life again.”
– Sid B.


“Without the experienced patient counseling and consistent quality chiropractic support from Dr Grause I wouldn’t be able to enjoy tennis, golf, travel and daily fitness activities. Bravo to them for my good health!”
– Margo V.

So Much Better

“I have been having trouble with my neck for some time; Kinnard Chiropractic made me feel so much better. I can now drive my school bus much easier.”
– Kim T.

Great Place

“Great place! Wonderful staff! Take my word for it!”
– Par R.


“Dr Grause was wonderful when my sacroiliac went out. He has a very good touch and technique. Thanks.”
– Mary Lou B.

Feeling Better

“I feel so much better afterwards. I continue to some in for adjustments”
– Wavy W.

Excellent Experience

“Experience at Kinnard Chiropractic is an experience that cannot be found anywhere else!” – Mary V.

Helped Tremendously

“Had severe neck pain along with headaches. Since I’ve been going to Kinnard Chiropractic it has helped tremendously.”
– Lauryn R.

Great Office

“This office is great! I feel my best when I’m visiting this office. You guys are fabulous! Thank you!”
– Cassie C.

Feeling So Much Better

“I came in last Friday in bad shape only 3 days later and I am feeling so much better!”
– Helga F.

Relieving My Back Pain

“Dr Kinnard was great at relieving my back and leg pain.”
– Chris C.

Really Helps

“Really helps, I feel good all over!”
– Barbara S.

Good Results

“I have only had good results and experiences at Kinnard Chiropractic. Dr Kinnard is a life saver when it comes to relieving pain. The staff is wonderful!”
– Kimberly J.

Big Help

“Big help every time I come in.”
– Ron P.

Sleeping Better

“After starting my adjustments my sleep has been much better at night.”
– Avanlea B.

Helps With Pain

“I come in to see Dr. Kinnard for two injuries, he helps out with the pain so I can continue to work full time so I can support my family.”
– Beverly T.

Excellent Adjustments

“I rely on the doctors to keep my body in proper alignment and to relieve my pain through their excellent adjustments and guidance.”
– Shirley P.

Great Services

“Great service and exceptional results. I wouldn’t think of trying any ware else.”
– Rose B.

The Best

“The doctors are the best! They are caring, patient and the best chiropractors.”
– Jim M.

No More Headaches

“No more headaches!! After months I can finally say they are gone along with my neck pain.”
– Char K.

Doctors Are Great

“The staff and doctors are great. They all really work hard to make you feel better.”
– Heather T.

So Kind

“Dr Grasue is so kind, professional and has a great sense of humor. He has certainly made me feel great. Thank you so much.”
– Carol C.

Great Staff

“My life is changed! Great staff! Very Kind!”
– Brenda P.

Caring And Friendly

“Kind, caring and friendly place. Great massage. Best of all the hydro therapy bed!”
– Linda W.

Helped With Neck Pain

“I see Dr Kinnard for my neck injury. He has helped with the pain that I get in my neck and back.”
– Ronald T.

Highly Recommend

“I have been coming here on and off for years, I highly recommend these doctors. I tell all my friends about Kinnard Chiropractic. The staff are all amazing!”
– Pat R.

Feeling Better

“I have been told I need two knee replacements 3-4 years ago. But since I have been coming here I have been able to walk with much less pain and I feel better about doing things. Thank god for chiropractic help.”
– Carol V.


“These are the only Doctors I will let touch my back. They are the greatest!”
– Roy R.

Feel Better

“It’s been a very satisfactory experience! I always make me feel better!!”
– Rose S.

Thank You

“Since I have been coming here. I feel a lot better. Thank you for everything!”
– Diana R.

Pain Is Gone

“When I come in for an adjustment I am in pain, a few minutes after the adjustment the pain is gone. The pain stays away for several days.”
– James M.


“Chronic spasms continued to be an issue after pain management. Relief was given after an adjustment. My fears built from 20 years went away after a visit to Kinnard Chiropractic.”
– Christine C.


“I have been feeling great since I have been getting regular adjustments. My pain has gone away. It’s much better than going to a Doctor and taking medications that don’t work. Thank you.”
– Doris R.


“I have been coming here for 2 months for a chronic disorder in my neck and Dr. Kinnard has helped me a lot.”
– Markus R.

Thank You So Much

“I have not felt this good in along time. I never thought that the pain would even start to go away. Thank you so much. I should have started coming here earlier. It’s a joy to come, the staff are very friendly and the helps also.”
– Bonnie H.


“Over the many years that I have come to Dr Kinnard I have always felt a relationship with the Doctor, not only for his expertise as a Doctor, but as a concerned dear friend. That’s what makes it so comfortable to continue to seek out his services as my chiropractor.”
– Florence U.

Good Health

“Good health is directly related to good spinal health, given through reliable chiropractor adjustments.”
– Shirley P.

Greatly Helped

“I have been greatly helped by my treatment and intend to continue.”
– John N.


“I have had back pain for a long time as well as headaches. I was told it was “sinuses”. But nothing helped until I came here. Dr Kinnard is wonderful as well as the staff here.”
– Amanda W.

Excellent Therapy

“When I came in Kinnard Chiropractic I was taking Vicodin and Oxycontin for pain. I was totally disabled with horrific lower back pain. It’s been only 8 visits but I’m off the pills and only feel slight discomfort. With their excellent therapy I am confident I will get back to my old self again. God bless them!”
– Tom D.


“I know I would not have gotten better as quickly without your care. The massages from Carolyn are wonderful.”
– Cathy K.


“When I came to Dr Kinnard a little over a week ago the pain in my back, leg and knee was a 10, unbearable. Today after 5 or 6 sessions I am a 4 and very grateful. Thank you Dr Kinnard.”
– Buddy W.


“Very helpful.”
– Wayne M.


“Since I’ve been coming to Kinnard Chiropractic they do great things for my back, arm and shoulder. They are wonderful. I can stay away from medicines for pain.”
– Shirley B.

No More Headache

“Headaches went away and never have had one since.”
– Terri B.

Relieves My Pain

“I thank god for Dr. Kinnard. Whenever I am in pain he lets me see him, appointment or not. His knowledge and care always relieves my pain. He is a Blessing!”
– Jill A.

Feeling So Much Better

“Ever Since starting chiropractic treatments I am feeling so much better. Also my balance, strength and memory have improved.”
– Jim M.

The Best

“Kinnard Chiropractic is the best! They have helped me out and I’m feeling better! Thank you!”
– Lenore J.

Feel Like A New Person

“I feel like a new person when I leave.”
– Mary H.

Great Bunch Of People

“Every one here is like family, great bunch of people.”
– Roger C.


“When I am very sick I always turn to chiropractic because they are great on any problems you have. I have believed in chiropractic for years.”
– Josephine P.

Feeling Super

“After my right knee replacement and rehab I had severe pain, no relief. A nurse agreed it was my sciatic nerve and suggested chiropractic care. Dr Kinnard’s group was the choice. I have been feeling super after initial 6 month program. What a gift!”
– Suzanne H.

Outstanding Care

“This practice has given me outstanding care. Empathy, compassion and complete understanding of their help and how to help myself.”
– Dee M

I Am Blessed

“I have been a patient for quite a while now and I look forward to my visits. I am blessed to be able to have them help me fell better.”
– Elyse T.

Headaches Gone

“I came in after 4 years with daily headaches. After 3 visits the headaches are almost non existent.”
– Jennifer K.

Keeps Me Functioning Well

“Chiropractic with these doctors has kept me functioning well in all of my activities from singing to dancing or just walking.”
– Shirley P.

Great Thing

“I have only great thing to say a! The Doctors are very thorough, taking time. Everyone is so pleasant. Glad I am getting better after all these years of pain.”
– Sharon E.


“After an auto accident I suffered migraine headaches. After treatment at Kinnard Chiropractic it relieved my headaches. They are enjoyable and very professional people.”
– Robyn P.

Time Taken With You

“Dr. Kinnard is the model for chiropractors. He takes his time with you. He especially does not promote additional adjustments that are not called for. I was scared when I first came to see him 5 years ago. I had failed cervical fusion and my neck had atrophied. Dr. Kinnard calmed me down and with trust in him he indeed accomplished getting my neck to move as it should. I felt relief and after the second adjustment. I have also had lumbar surgery and 4 years later I know he is in control of the adjustments that need to be done from time to time. With knowledge of patients with titanium rods in their back or neck Dr Kinnard is the best chiropractor, with my vast experience in the past. Now when a pain or problem comes up I know who to call!!”
– Susan B.

Migraines Stay Away

“I suffer from migraines. After a chiropractic adjustment with Dr. Kinnard my migraines stay away!”
– Pat L.

Complete Confidence

“If you want to get back to doing things like normal, start your treatment right away with complete confidence that these doctors will get you better and help you stay that way!”
– Renee S.

Helped Me

“Chiropractic adjustments have kept me in good physical health and have helped my emotional stability as well.”
– Shirley P.

Feel Wonderful

“I feel wonderful after the 1st visit”
– Jim M.


“I have never been to a Doctors office where the staff is so pleasant all the time.”
– Evelyn G.


“I was very satisfied with the thoroughness that was paid to me during my visits”
– Michael V.

Feel Better

“I feel much better when I leave”
– Taylor H.

Able To Do Things

“Kinnard Chiropractic has been very patient with me and my erratic schedule and my adjustments have been so reparative I am able to do things I haven’t been able to do in months.”
– Sharon W.


The people here at Dr Kinnard’s are wonderful, they have helped My husband and I very much.”
– Melissa L.

Good Health

“This clinic keeps me in good health, with good posture and much less pain.”
– Shirley P.


“Barely walked in office, in much pain, left office fine, yes!”
– Dolly P.

Very Happy

“I am very happy with my results. I can now turn my head without pain!”
– Shirley P.

Feel Like A New Person

“After a few treatments you feel like a new person, your body feels like everything is working like it is supposed to.”
– Barbara B.

Best All Around

“Best all around atmosphere from reception to all practitioners. My family always feels welcome and appreciated.”
– Samantha T.

Love This Place

“I love this place. I’ve lived here in Inverness for 23 years and this place has helped my back in fact it’s never been better. My Dr Grause is wonderful. I’m walking straighter than ever!”
– Carol F.

What A Relief

“What a relief when you can do things that were once a pain in the neck.”
– Wilma V.

Feel Much Better

“I feel much better than before I came to see Dr. Daniels. Thanks. God Bless.”
– Steve S.

Very Complete

“Very complete check up. Very good service.”
– Barb B.

So Healthy

“I wouldn’t be so healthy without regular adjustments and care from Dr Kinnard and his team.”
– Shirley P.

Welcoming Approach

“I have never been so pleased with a doctor as I have been with Dr Kinnard. He is very personal, friendly and always has a welcoming approach. Thanks.”
– Tiffany O.

Friendly And Warm Staff

“I’ve always loved this office. Great Doctors and a very friendly and warm staff.”
– Christina F.

Relief Of Neck

“When I came to Dr. Kinnard my neck was in critical condition. Dr. Kinnard within 2 months of visits helped my neck condition. He taught me exercises to do with my neck.”
– Beverly S.


– Michelle C.

Enjoy Coming Here

“I really enjoy coming here. The doctors and staff do listen and care. They are really here to help.”
– Gary F.

Caring And Understanding

“I really can’t say enough nice things about the staff and Doctors. They are all very caring and understanding. They talk to you in a way that you can understand. They are all sweet people here! I am very comfortable here.”
– Donna F.

Keeps My Body In Good Shape

“I love being able to come her and keep my body in good shape.”
– Linda M.

Able To Walk Again

“Could not walk and after 3 days, could walk and put my shoes and socks on.”
– Matt L.

Back And Neck Helped

“Love Dr Kinnard, he has helped my back and neck.”
– Amanda L.

No More Pain

“I have suffered with back pain for so long. I came and had 5 weeks of treatment, 2 times a week. And after the first week no more pain. Also while sitting in examining room waiting for the doctor, the music was so uplifting and helped me spiritually. Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your staff.”
– Cathy S.

Great Service

“I would like everybody to know how great your services are, it can’t get any better than this. Great people friendly, kind, and caring. I would recommend to everybody. Great job ladies and gents. Thank you!”
– Luciano M.


“Kinnard Chiropractic is awesome! Same day appointment, pain relieved same evening. Great doctors and staff.”
– Josephine S.